3D Design & Modeling

When it comes to sell your product or services, 3D Design & Modeling is a vital tool for marketing. 3D Exhibition stands can be used to convey your marketing message while promoting your brand when it comes to attend trade shows or networking events. Sublime Int. is specialized in events planning and management by creating appealing exhibition stands.

We have proficient design team that can assess your enterprise precisely to make a creative layout which strategically represents your organizational goals and company style. If your old exhibition stand is not as effective as it must be, or you are not getting much-needed attention at an event or exhibition, we have well-trained designers to help you redefine your exhibit with an innovative design. It is no denying that designing an exhibition stand takes significant amount of imagination, thought and corporate knowledge.

Sublime Int. strives to provide the top-quality 3D Design & Modeling services. Apart from assessing layout process, we communicate to determine any specific needs, handle arrangements for hospitality/refreshments, risk management, and your merchandising. Sublime Int. specializes in layout of exhibition stand and the designers work collectively and partner with several companies for international events. When it comes to design display stands, we play close attention to detail and manage the layout just through the conclusion.

Your exhibition stand is crucial opportunity to grab the eyes of potential customers. So, it must be the best. The design and content of your stand can make or break the impression. It determines whether visitors walk on or stop and ask for further info. Graphics can make a huge difference so you may recognize whether an exhibition stand has been developed well. We have substantial knowledge and expertise in 3D design and modeling to make an exhibition stand interactive and eye-catching.

Recent Samples

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